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We specialise in applying proven strategies that help you create wealth through property. We understand that finance is about more than money, and we work with you for the long-term to ensure you're on track to achieving your goals.

Our Team

Our impeccable credentials and straightforward approach underpin the Robinson Loan Brokers business. Meet our team of switched-on professionals.

Jennifer Robinson

Director & Finance Broker
Well-credentialed with previous accounting and tax experience.

Andrew Robinson

Director & Finance Broker
Strong business acumen, underpinned by extensive experience.

Patrick Li

Junior Mortgage Broker
Strong attention-to-detail and customer focus

Jo Casey

Customer Service Manager
Excellent communication skills and genuine interest in helping people

Our approach

We take a systematic approach to making sure you get the right finance solution, now and long into the future.

1. Discovering your needs

We meet with you to uncover your current financial situation, lifestyle, and short and long-term goals.
Understanding your goals and requirements
Analysis of your financial situation
Defining what you want in a lender

2. Analysing your options

We assess your requirements against the thousands of options available, and present you with recommendations based on your needs.
Assessment of loan products across more than 40 lenders
Comparison of your needs against bank policies
Presenting you with a competitive shortlist of options

3. Implementing the strategy

We liaise with the lender and guide you through the process, mitigating stress and uncertainty and preparing a compelling application.
Compiling and lodging all required paperwork
Negotiating with the lender for a positive outcome
Liaising with other professionals involved in the purchase

4. Reviewing your finance solution

We apply our up-to-date market intelligence and undertake regular loan reviews to ensure your finance continues to serve your best interests.
Yearly loan reviews
Ongoing education
Always only a phone call away

We'd love the opportunity to help you build wealth through property

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